Brandon James Ellis

I sing in a band called Rocky Loves Emily. I live in a fifteen passenger van with a 12x6 Trailer. I have a red suitcase and a backpack. Thats about it.

rocky loves emily 2014

rocky loves emily 2014


New Music: Rocky Loves Emily - “Hypocrite”

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Talking Trees

Unsigned Indie Band

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imageTalking Trees is a group hailing from the suburbs of Detroit that incorporates a soulful blend of indie and alternative influences. You may recognize the front man Brandon Ellis from Rocky Loves Emily. Like they say, Talking Trees is not a band, Talking Trees are songs for broken people. The group makes passionate, heartfelt music together. After writing songs that didn’t fit the style of Rocky, Ellis figured he would just push them aside. He thought they wouldn’t ever see the light of day. Ellis didn’t want to be the stereotypical guy that releases a solo project aside from his band. They manage to create intriguing lyrics and melodies that will keep you up at night because you’ll be singing along so much. The band plans on releasing a full album later on this year. For now, you can check out their songs on iTunes and listen to “Darling Child” below. 

-Katy Meininger

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Talking Trees // Where Did We Go Wrong (Remix)

Talking Trees — “Where Did We Go Wrong”

Talking Trees — “Weary Eyes”

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Talking Trees-Weary Eyes

So who liked my new song #wheredidwegowrong? Link in my bio. 😍 #neumann #oceanrecordingstudio

So who liked my new song #wheredidwegowrong? Link in my bio. 😍 #neumann #oceanrecordingstudio